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A Holy Life

"A person who wants to arrive at union with God must climb all the steps."

-Saint John of the Cross, Ascent of Mount Carmel


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Jesus With Us

Three Days That Will Change Your Life

If you would like us to come to your parish, please

go to Contact Us, and let us know!


Topics covered include:

     1. The scriptural basis for the Eucharist.

     2. The 2,000 year history of the Eucharist from

         Genesis to Jesus to today.

     3. Eucharistic miracles.

     4. How to energize your Eucharistic devotion.

     5. How to make a Holy Hour.

Want a Mission at your Parish?  Missions are available free of charge to all Catholic Parishes within a 2-hour drive of Omaha, Nebraska.  Just contact us to schedule!


St. Vincent de Paul, Omaha, NE

Fellowship of Catholic Artists, Omaha, NE

Catholic Daughters Day of Prayer, Omaha, NE

Spirit Catholic Radio

St. John Nepomucene, Howells, NE

St. Peter, Omaha, NE

St. John the Baptist, Fort Calhoun, NE


who we are

A Holy Life is a Catholic apostolate that seeks to help people grow in personal holiness.  We strive to do this by presenting the timeless truths of the Catholic Faith in an engaging and accessible way for ordinary Catholics of the 21st Century to apply in their own daily lives.

Deacon Patrick Simons is an Ordained Permanent Deacon of the Roman Catholic Church. 


Deacon Simons offers retreats, parish missions, and other public speaking throughout the Midwest.  His areas of focus include:


  • Holiness and Spirituality

  • Monasticism and Writings of the Saints Made Understandable and Applicable in the Modern World

  • Marriage, Family, and Fatherhood

Deacon Simons is known to have a unique ability to make complex and theologically deep subjects easy to understand and use in ordinary daily life.  He lives in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife, LuAnn, and five of their nine children who remain at home.

LuAnn Simons joins her husband, Deacon Simons, in giving talks on marriage and family.  She also periodically gives talks on homeschooling and motherhood.


Because of their central location in Omaha, Nebraska, Deacon and Mrs. Simons are available to speak at your parish, community, organization, or event throughout the Midwest.

We are happy to discuss any ideas you have.

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What We Do

How we Can Help You pursue a holy life

Directed Retreats

Deacon Simons can provide a half-day or full-day directed retreat for your parish, organization, club, or community.

He will work with you to find just the right topics and materials to benefit your attendees.


Deacon Simons is available for individual spiritual direction in-person or on telephone or video by appointment.

Parish Missions

Parish Missions are an effective way to address the spiritual needs of your Parish or to help your Parishioners live out a certain liturgical season, such as Advent or Lent, to the fullest.

Deacon Simons will work with you to tailor the Mission to the specific needs of your Parish.

Marriage Retreats

Deacon Simons and his wife, LuAnn, have more than 25 years of experience in marriage ministry and marriage preparation.  They have a unique way of presenting practical tips for married couples to reinvigorate their marriage, to find peace in their homes, and to help each other along the road to salvation.

Each marriage retreat ends with renewal of vows.

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